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Otronix, Korea

Puncak Teknologi (M) Sdn Bhd has become a partner with Otronix, Korea for supply, installation, and commissioning of Marine Meteorological System Network (MMSN) for Malaysian Meteorological Department (MMD) in 2008.

Marine Meteorological System Network (MMSN)

Otronix system for MMSN provides an information of wave and current profiler around of Malaysia sea to improve safety and enhanced ocean warning system for all ocean activities. The system used and advance technology of :
  • Meteorological Instruments
  • Oceanography Instruments
  • Network communication
  • Monitoring and processing computers

Signalis, France

In year 1999, Puncak has teamed up with Signalis SA (France), for Vessel Traffic Services System and Coast Control Systems in Malaysia.

Vessel Traffic Services Systems

Signalis systems for Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) provide enhanced port efficiency, improve safety, contribute to security as required by the ISPS Code and help protect the environment. Signalis pioneered the use of software technology to digitize and display high-resolution radar information. They have installed more systems for VTS using this advanced technology than any other provider. This technology makes possible advanced features such as:
  • Multiple radar overlay display
  • Intelligent tracking algorithm technology
  • Low cost raw radar video communications
  • Digital radar processing and filtering techniques


Terma has appointed Puncak has a business partner in marketing Terma radar systems.

Global Provider of Spatial Information Management (SIM) Software

In year 2003, Puncak Teknologi (M) Sdn.Bhd has teamed up with Intergraph of USA for Integrated C4i and decision Support System (DSS) to meet the needs of the local enforcement authorities in Malaysia. Puncak Teknologi and Intergraph offer C4i solution which consists of well integrated multi systems and databases such as ANI/ALI, Mobile Data Communications System (MDCS), Telephony, Voice Recording Unit (VRU), Automatic Vehicle Location System (AVLS/GPS), GSI/Mapping, Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), Call Taking, Dispatching, Managing Major Disaster and Events with other Applications accessible in a single environment or point of access.

Tubitak Uekae, Turkey

Puncak is an exclusive technological partner of TUBITAK in marketing of secured radio communications and information security for the Asia Pacific region.

Indra Navia

Indra Navia (Park Air System) has teamed up with Puncak for ILS & DVOR projects at KLIA Airport, Sepang.

EASAT Antennas

PUNCAK has established long relationship with Easat since 1997 for sea coastal surveillance in terms of maintenance and antennas upgrade works. Reliability of Easat Antennas among PUNCAK customer makes Easat as number one choice antenna provider in Sea Surveillance System of Malaysia.


The company designs and develops solutions for large-screen visualization, display solutions for life-critical applications, and systems for visual inspection. Currently Barco is active in the markets of medical imaging, defense & security, traffic management, avionics, media, events, digital cinema, presentation, simulation, traffic & surveillance, utilities & process control, broadcasting and textiles & plastics.


Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN) has appointed Puncak Teknologi (M) Sdn Bhd as a technological partner in Maritime Simulation and Software for this region.

Micro Nav Ltd

Micro Nav Ltd, formed in 1988 is a leading specialist company developing and supplying air traffic control (ATC) and fighter control simulators and training systems. The core capabilities of the company are the provision of specialist ATC services; the development of software for ATC and aviation systems; and the production of high-performance simulators for development and training applications both civil and military.

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